planking vs justin bieber ? - Cloie :) 
Cloie :) 
Welcome to my fantabulous site :)
On this site you will find things such as Justin Bieber, nan, chocolate cake recipies, games, music and all the new phases such as PLANKING!
Im sure you've all heard of planking- the new big thing, I think it's pretty fun. So i wanted to know, where's the craziest place you've planked? please leave your comments below :)

5/15/2011 14:52:35

WOW i'm sooo going to try out this planking!! omg!! well i think that your web is just sooo awesome hihi :)

5/15/2011 14:57:36

wowo guess i had a teapot change when i was young you know... i'm a little teapot short and stout.. sounds like me don't you think!!!

6/5/2011 14:36:56

hey this website is AMAZING, love your work xo


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